Connection Club

Do you have a child (ren)?

Are you looking for a few hours of quietness around you :)?

Is your child(ren) connected to a positive environment outside the home?

Do your children love to play with other children?

Does your only child need to learn how to play and share with others?

A Children/Youth Ministry of Living Spring Fellowship

[Time and date will be determined by registration]

Open for sign up

Connect       Explore        Learn                 Grow

Vision: “Equipping Children—Encouraging Families.” Come to a safe, irresistible environment that captures the

imagination of children/youth as they learn to influence their world positively.

Mission:  Living Spring Fellowship desires to partner with parents in building a strong foundation for live.

Connection Club Activities:

              Children Connection Club                                                            Youth Connection Club

¨ Homework Assistance. Snacks                                              +Computers available for homework, games etc.

¨ Games and Craft.                                                                      +Receive Community Service hours for graduation.

¨ Bible stories and children/youth appropriate movies.      etc

¨ Field trips for educational/spiritual enlightenment


20827 3rd Ave. S Des moines, WA 98198

Phone: 253-220-7790

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